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The 3,500-acre Valley Forge National Historical Park was home to George Washington’s winter encampment during the Revolutionary War. The park’s historical buildings, monuments, and more commemorate this pivotal 6-month period of American history.

The park is home to several tours, both guided and self-guided. You can also take a walk on one of the many paved trails or bike or drive around the park’s 26 miles of trails. Learn more by clicking here.


Whether you’re looking for a place to take a quick solo power walk along one of the many paved paths or an opportunity to learn more about American history at one of the area’s most well-known attractions, Valley Forge National Historical Park is worth a visit. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to step back in time and explore the site of George Washington’s Continental Army winter encampment from 1777-78.

The 3,500-acre park features a variety of tours and exhibits, as well as numerous recreation opportunities. It also commemorates the Revolutionary War generation, honoring their sacrifices and dedication.

The main point of entry for the park is the Valley Forge Welcome Center, which acts as an orientation for visitors to the site. Here, you’ll find a museum, an interactive muster roll of the Continental Army encamped here, ranger-led gallery programs and walks, and a bookstore. In addition, the park’s theater is home to a short 18-minute film.

The Encampment Tour

The park offers a self-guided driving tour, which covers many of the most important monuments and statues. Walking and trolley tours are also available.

During the winter encampment, the Continental Army learned how to work together and overcome adversity. They were able to develop a unified professional military organization that enabled them to win the war.

Valley Forge National Historical Park contains many historic structures from the encampment, including the Baron von Steuben Statue and the Washington Memorial Chapel. Other notable buildings include the Anthony Wayne monument and the quarters of General Henry Knox.

The park has several reconstructed soldiers’ huts that you can visit and learn what life was like for the troops during the encampment. Another reconstructed building is Varnum’s Quarters, which was the home of Brigadier General James Mitchell Varnum. He was a proponent of allowing black Americans to serve in the military and his regiment during the encampment was made up largely of freed slaves. Visit another area in town here.

The National Memorial Arch

There are plenty of places that pay homage to America’s Revolutionary War history, but few truly embody the sacrifice, dedication, and perseverance that took place here. This 3,500-acre park offers an opportunity to step back in time and visit the actual winter encampment where General George Washington led his troops.

The park is full of monuments, historic structures, and walking trails that take you through the encampment. A stop at the National Memorial Arch and a visit to the statue of Baron von Steuben are just two of the many highlights.

The park is a popular attraction for visitors of all ages, offering recreational activities and fun annual events. It’s a great destination for families and is one of the best places for hiking in Pennsylvania. This historic area is also a prime spot to explore the rich natural beauty of Montco. The Park is open year-round, and seasonal tours offer even more opportunities to experience the park.

Knox Covered Bridge

The Knoxbridge is a historic wooden bridge that spans Valley Creek near the entrance to the park. It was built in 1851 and is named after either Philander Chase Knox (a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania who owned land in the area) or General Henry Knox, an officer quartered at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-78.

The park offers a number of tours, including the Encampment Tour and trolley tours. You can also visit the visitor center, which features a gift shop, a restaurant, and a theater with an orientation film.

The park is open year-round, but it’s best to visit during the winter when you can experience some of the same conditions as Washington’s Army. The park also hosts a variety of seasonal events, including the annual Memorial Day parade. Check out this interesting post!


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