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Residential cleaning companies specialize in cleaning homes and domestic dwellings. They can be either a franchise or independent business. Both types of companies must follow a certain set of processes and procedures.

To succeed, you must establish trust with clients. Focus on promoting your company as a personal brand and connect with potential customers on a human level. You can return to our home page.


In order to run a cleaning business successfully, the company must have an adequate clientele. This can be accomplished through modern marketing methods such as social media, or old-fashioned ones such as placing classified ads in the local newspaper or online ad venues.

In addition, residential cleaning clients need to be able to trust the company they hire. This is especially true if they are hiring a team of cleaners to come into their home. To help build trust, the cleaning company should focus its advertising on a personal level.


A residential cleaning company needs a variety of cleaning products and equipment. This can include vacuum cleaners, especially those designed for carpets or hard floors, brooms and dusters, mops, and disinfectants. It’s important to have the right equipment so you can clean quickly and thoroughly, which helps build your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

You also need a computer system to manage your customer files and run your marketing campaigns. When you’re just starting out, you may not need a high-end computer, but as your business grows, it’s a good idea to invest in one that is efficient and secure.

You also need a place to store your products and equipment. A garage or a dedicated storage unit is ideal, and you should consider investing in a branded van for transporting your team and supplies to clients’ homes. You might also need to rent a space to store hazardous materials if required by your state’s regulations.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, offer you a method to create standardized procedures for your business. They can reduce the amount of human error that could occur, and they also allow you to provide clear instructions for your staff.

This is especially important for residential cleaning businesses. Homeowners need to trust the cleaning technicians to enter their personal spaces, and a lack of SOP can lead to misunderstandings or confusion.

These SOPs will help you to remain consistent with your cleaning services, maintain communication with customers, and build customer relationships. They will also allow you to protect your team from potential dangers, such as mixing chemicals incorrectly or slipping on a surface.

The SOPs that we provide are created using a Microsoft Word document and can be password protected to prevent anyone from reading them without your permission. They are a great way to systematize your cleaning business and also serve as a good step toward qualifying for CIMS certification.


A residential cleaning company will likely offer various training programs to its employees. This is especially important if the company intends to hire new cleaners from outside of the industry. These training programs will help the new cleaners understand the cleaning process and procedures and how to do their job well.

A good example is the IJCSA’s Residential Cleaning Specialist (RCS) certification, which is available to any employee or owner of a residential cleaning company. The program is designed to teach residential cleaning employees or owners the most advanced housecleaning techniques available in the industry.

Other possible courses include CMI’s Custodial Expert training, which covers everything from the proper use of equipment and chemicals to the maintenance of a clean environment; and the ARCSI Professional House Cleaning Certification, which covers everything from safety and customer service to cleaning methods for different items found in homes. Also, the IJCSA offers First Aid certification, which is useful to all janitorial and cleaning staff because it teaches the skills they will need in case of an emergency while working at a client’s business or home. Click here for the next blog post.